Union Station

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Union Station
Union Station


VIDEO SOURCE: President Trump News - YouTube

Published on Jan 19, 2017
Republicans are going to win more seats in the Senate in 2018, President-elect Donald Trump told a cheering crowd at a Candlelight Dinner at Union Station in Washington D.C., where he also congratulated his top aides. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s  pollster and most visible spokeswoman, “has been so great,” Trump told the allies, appointees, staff, and donors. “Wow. So there is no den she will not going into. When my men are petrified to go on a certain network… then she gets on it, she just destroys them.” Trump also joked about his donors. “I want to thank all of our donors, the big donors, small donors,” he said. “There are donors that got really, really generous the day after the election was won. Oh, I have a couple, they got so generous. ‘Hi Don, I just want to tell you I just sent a big check.” Oh great. Should have sent it a week before. That’s okay. We love you too,” he added.

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