Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge Louisiana
Baton Rouge Louisiana


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Published on Dec 09, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump said Friday that he would propose a lifetime ban on federal employees who grant huge defense contracts from working for those companies — after saying this week that he wanted to cancel the "ridiculous" order for a new Air Force One. The contract was to be about $3 billion, but Trump said that costs have ballooned to as high at $4 billion. "But when you're talking about the kind of money [spent on such contracts] I said: 'Who gives these orders out?'" Trump told a rally in Baton Rouge, La., as part of his "thank you" tour of battleground states. "Some of these people then go to work for these companies. "I think — I have to check this out," Trump said. "They're not going like this, but I think I'm going propose a ban that anybody that gives out massive military contracts never be — not five years or 10 years — never be allowed to work for those companies that make the equipment." Trump cited the F-35 Stealth bomber jet calling the F-35 "uncontrollably over-budget. "Anybody who give us these big contracts should never, ever be allowed to work for a defense company, for a company that makes that product," the president-elect said.

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