Peace Through Strength

Peace Through Strength
Peace Through Strength



Published on Nov 3, 2016
Donald Trump addressed some 17,500 supporters in a nighttime rally in rural North Dakota, promising to boost military spending in a Trump administration. The event began with a presentation honoring Medal of Honor winners and retired generals and admirals. They remained onstage as Trump spoke. He sounded a humble note as he praised one of the veterans: “I couldn’t have done what he did. I’m brave in other ways. I’m financially brave. Big deal,” Trump said. Trump promised to expand military spending in all branches of the armed forces, including the US. Marine Corps, which he promised to expand from 27 to 36 battalions. He also and mentioned nearby Fort Bragg several times, to cheers from the audience. He also referred to many other bases in the state. The Army is the smallest it has been since before World War II. The Navy is the smallest since World War I. The Air Force is the smallest and oldest it has ever been. My plan will grow the Army to 540,000 active troops, which the Army Chief of Staff says he needs. That means more Brigade Combat Teams at Fort Bragg. We will build the 1,200 modern fighters our Air Force needs, and that means more planes flying out of locations like Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and Marine Core Air Station Cherry Point. Our Marine Core will grow from 27 to 36 battalions, and that's going to mean a lot more Marines at Camp Lejeune. And new military technologies will be produced at the Research Triangle right here in North Carolina. In summary, my policy can be based on three very important words: Peace Through Strength.

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