The Bay of Pigs Museum

The Bay of Pigs Museum
The Bay of Pigs Museum



Published on Oct 25, 2016
Donald Trump accepted an endorsement Tuesday in Miami from Cuban exile veterans who fought in the Bay of Pigs. Brigade 2506 veterans, the name of the CIA-backed unit that fought in the Bay of Pigs invasion, endorsed Trump Oct. 12. The candidate visited the veterans’ museum in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami Tuesday to accept their support Tuesday. The endorsement marks the first time the paramilitary unit has ever endorsed a presidential candidate in its 55-year history. Many older Cuban-Americans tend to identify as Republican, in large part because of the Republican Party’s long-standing opposition to the communist Castro regime in Cuba. “To be endorsed by such a distinguished organization as yours is humbling and I can’t thank you enough,” Trump said when receiving the endorsement. “I know we share the same ideals. A foreign policy that will promote freedom and true democratic change in Cuba” the GOP nominee said.

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