Wilbur Ross Con Hearing

Wilbur Ross Confirmation Hearing
Wilbur Ross Confirmation Hearing


VIDEO SOURCE: PBS NewsHour - YouTube

Published January 18, 2017
Unlike many other Trump nominees Wilbur Ross makes some Republicans nervous, and has common ground with some Democrats. In fact, the Commerce Secretary nominee was once a Democrat himself. He's won the the support of labor unions, and saved tens of thousands jobs buying and basically rescuing bankrupt steel companies. Democrats largely offered Ross a warm reception Wednesday at his confirmation hearing. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said he was impressed by Ross' decision to sell off a huge portion of his assets to avoid conflicts of interest. As some Democrats praised Ross, however, some Republicans expressed deep concerns. Both Ross and Trump have talked about protecting U.S. businesses by erecting tariffs against foreign competitors, and that makes many free-trade republicans nervous.

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